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Digitale (1991) 7'

For flute

Cécile Daroux, Darmstadt

Bonsaï (1993) 6'

For flute

Pierre-Yves Artaud, Kyoto

​Ed. Jobert

Non-Lieu (1998) 12'

For guitar

Thierry Mercier Le Quartz Brest

Ed. Jobert

Interludes (2006) 7’

For voice flute or alto recorder

Gerd Lüneburger


Zimmerlin Musik (2008) 8’

For organ

Carolyn Shuster Fournier, Barr

Comissioned by Daniel and Delphine Zimmer

Blackbird (2014) 15’

For violoncello

Séverinne Ballon

Aura (2015) 8’

For Oboe (also englishorn)

Micheala Hrabankova, Paris

Redshift (2015) 5’

For prepared piano

Wilhelm Latchouma

Fondation Royaumont

Solos and Live Electric

Ici et là I (1992) 8'

For clarinet in a and live electronic

Véronique Fèvre, 2E2M, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Ed. Jobert

Ici et là II (1994) 8'

For flute and live electronic

Pierre Roullier, 2E2M, Théâtre International de Langue Française, Paris

Ed. Jobert

Blackbird (2014) 15’

Séverine Ballon, Biennale de Lyon

Ed. Jobert

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