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Non-Lieu II (2002) 25' 

For clarinet and violoncello

Pierre Dutrieu, Elena Andreyev

Ensemble Sic, Arsenal of Metz

Commissioned by the Arsenal of Metz

Ed. Jobert

Petite Liturgie (1986) 6'

Sopran and clarinet

Irène Jarsky, Reinald Parrot

(oboe version)

2e2m, Centre Pompidou

May 1986

New version

Philia Jarell and Elvio Cippolone

Rouffach july 2003

Ed. Jobert

Ici et là IV (2006) 7’ 

For englishhorn and a-clarinet

(Live electronic version for dry halls)

Philippe Vachez, Jean-Pierre Galiari

Annecy, 2006

Towards a bell of the sweat hell (2018) 7’

For viola and piano

Sven and Nils Boyny


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